Friday, April 26, 2024

20 Whimsical Cats Coloring Book

Hey guys, 
Do you have a store, online or brick and mortar. I have coloring pages that you can edit, rework, resize, and do pretty much anything you want with, for commercial use. 

Make cards, scrapbooks, printables, your own coloring books, and so much more. 

If you're a teacher, you can print these out and pass them to students during recess, or project time, there are lots of possibilities, including creating content for KDP. Best part is, it's completely affordable.

Check out the offer below!

Italian Villa Sketch Coloring Pages

Hello on this good Friday morning. 
I have something for you. This is just a start, so expect to see a lot more soon.

Italian Villa Sketches you can color. © AHDesign

If you click, (or right click) and open in new window, you should be able to download the full size. You can resize this any way you like.

                                    Italian Villa Sketches you can color. © AHDesign

Would love to see your coloring result, feel free to comment and post your creations. Till next time.

Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Color The Book Format Is Expanding

Just a little heads up to say the website is expanding to include coloring books created by AHDesign as well as continue to bring you coloring pages to download for your personal use. 

I have lots of pages and some books for you to color and enjoy, while I add some commercial use coloring pages, books or packs for you to use in your business, or resell to make a little seed money.  

You will also be able to purchase physical books and have them delivered to your home for gifts or family fun!

I will be back to work on the blog later this week and will have a goodie or two for you all!