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Where do these designs come from?

The designs are adapted from public domain works. The source work is cited on each coloring page. The public domain illustrations are a great resource of interesting pieces where you can use your own artistic creativity.

Is it legal?

We source images that are indicated to be in the public domain, and that were published prior to 1927. 

From Cornell:

”When an idea is expressed in a fixed medium, whether it be a painting, a story, a dance choreography, or a poem on the back of a napkin (though certainly not limited to those categories), it has legal copyright protections for a set period of time, allowing the creator to use or exploit the fruit of their work as they see fit, or not at all. In the past, this copyright required some formality in the way of registration or notice, but that is no longer the case for new works.

Once that period of time expires, or if the creator failed to comply with any legal formalities required at the time of creation or thereafter, the work enters the public domain - meaning it belongs to everyone, without restriction. The creator may also decide before the expiration of copyright to dedicate the work to the public domain, giving that new creation to the public to use.”

Here’s some great information on public domain: https://guides.library.cornell.edu/copyright/publicdomain 

Can I repost or share these pages?

Our coloring page designs are free to share, and you can print as many as you like and share links to our website anytime. The free coloring pages are not for resale, and are not intended for commercial sale. We want to keep what we share free for all who support and follow us.

We do not claim copyright over any of the public domain source images. 

We do however occasionally remake, enhance, or completely remodel a work in the public domain for resale, and those works will be copyrighted, and will have licence terms coming along with the downloads.

Can I make my own coloring pages from the sources you use?

Of course! You will find the names and sometimes the website links to the public domain sources.

Can I use and reuse the images in your coloring pages?

Sure! We request you credit Color the Book to help spread word-of-mouth, and for any funding of our work for our original created works.

We also have pre-printed full coloring books available for sale on Amazon, LuLu, and Barnes and Noble.

I have a copyright claim over some source material used here.

Please contact us! We have no interest in violating copyrights for any works and will gladly discontinue use of any works mistakenly assumed to be in the public domain. 

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